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Installation of GeoTransformer is simple - download the latest release from this site and unpack it to any folder. This folder will be used for both the application itself and any data downloaded or created by GeoTransformer.

If the application does not start, please verify that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile installed.

Please review how to back up GeoTransformer data!

Automatic updates

GeoTransformer tries very hard to keep itself up to date. Every time it is started it connects to its server to check if a new version has been made available. If a new version is available, it will download it automatically and install as soon as GeoTransformer is closed. The next time you start it you will be using the new version.

If GeoTransformer is updated it will display release notes on launch. No data is lost between updates.
Technical details
  • The updater requests data from
  • Every update is a full installation and can update any previous version.
  • The update is downloaded in a folder named PendingUpdate. You should not delete it manually.
  • Every update copies the data file to Backup folder. In case the application does not start properly you should keep the latest files there as they contains the uncorrupted data.
  • You can force GeoTransformer to update it to the latest known version even if it matches the current version. Launch the application from command line with forceupdate argument.

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