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First time user

When you start GeoTransformer for the first time, a wizard will be showed to you that will guide you through setting up the application to use with
First step - get geocache information
  • If you are a Premium member on you most probably already have created pocket queries that you download and copy to the GPS. The wizard will prompt you to select the queries you use.
  • If you do not have premium membership you should still set up the Live API using the wizard and then set up the search on This will enable you to download traditional cache coordinates.
  • If you have another source of GPX files you can load them directly from the disk. Note that the philosophy of GeoTransformer is that you set up where it will pick up the files and not do the classic File-Open combination each time.
Second step - configure
You can configure the behavior of GeoTransformer using the Configuration tab on the top of the application. All options are documented using tooltips - just hover your mouse cursor over certain option and you will see a description of it.
Third step - editing geocaches
The easiest way to start this is by finding the geocache you want to edit (for example, to modify its coordinates) in the table (click "Show in table" on the left side). If the geocache is not in the list, you can click "Edit another" in the middle of the screen and enter the code for that geocache.

Once a geocache is selected, several input fields become available, such as "Updated coordinates". Information you put in these fields will affect how the geocaches are displayed both in GeoTransformer and on the GPS device.
Fourth step - publishing to GPS
If you own Garmin or Magellan GPS device, then connect it to the computer using USB cable. The connection usually takes at least 30 seconds. Once connected, the device will show up in the "Export/Publish" menu on the bottom of the screen. Click your device there and GeoTransformer will proceed to download, transform and publish the geocaches to the device.

If you do not own a device that is recognized by GeoTransformer, you can export the GPX files to a folder by selecting "Export GPX (Browse...) option.

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